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The Whitewater and Calmwater Paddling Video and DVD Store
The best place to buy whitewater kayaking videos, canoeing videos, sea kayaking, tripping videos and kayak DVDs, too!

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Welcome to Whitewater Video!

We still have the best and the most whitewater kayak and canoe video on DVD and VHS anywhere.  We've got over 110 video titles, and paddling books, too!  Our kayaking DVD selection is unsurpassed with over 100 stocked DVD titles.


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The whitewater and flatwater paddling video and DVD store.

Here are the latest canoeing and kayaking videos that are on the way to us!

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The whitewater and flatwater paddling video and DVD store.

How to reach us

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Come on in and browse around!
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New tapes we expect soon
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Know of a great canoeing or kayaking DVD we should carry?  Have you made the next great kayak DVD?  Then let us know!

The best way to reach us is by e-mail

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  Arnd Scheaftlain - Mothership Connection, Full On, Water of Wisdom 
Ammen Jordan - Wet House
Bill Mason - Path of the Paddle Quietwater, Path of the Paddle Whitewater, Waterwalker
Bonesteel and Waterworks - The Adventures of Johny Utah, Essential Boat Control, Paddler's Personal Trainer
Dashboard Burrito
Buzzellmania - Rick Gusic's Silent Thunder The Legend of Team C, Grin Factor 10
Columbia River Gorge Productions - NorthWest River Scrapbook
Cackle Productions - This is the Sea 1 through 4
Dig-It-All - Buck Fever
Don Briggs - River Runners of the Grand Canyon
Ebb and Flow - The Last Descent
FatCats Productions - 60 degrees North
Scott Lindgren & Driftwood - Good to the Last Drop, Liquid Lifestyles, Thirst
Enviro Action Sports - Paddlemania, The Best of Gore, Paddlemania Worldwide
Event Videos - 1999 World Rodeo Championship, The Players, IR Triple Crown, 2000 Ohiopyle Race
Falling Down Productions - Fresh Water, Fallin Down, The Wet Ones, Over The Edge
Feature Films - Deliverance, The River Wild
Bob Foote - Canoeing the Grand Canyon, The Open Canoe Roll
Kent Ford - Performance Video and Instruction - Drill TIme, Solo Playboating, Retendo, In The Surf, Performance Sea Kayaking, The Kayaker's Edge
Good Gravy Productions - Who's Your Daddy?, Gush
GoBig.htm - Wet Dreamin' Playboating Guide Video
Joe Holt - From Here toe There Canoe Basics, Kayak 101, Grace Under Pressure - Learning the Kayak Roll, Just Add Water Instant Rodeo Star
Health - Yoga for Paddlers & Kayak Fitness
Horizon Line Productions - Let's Get Wet Rafting Instruction, Tight Squeeze
Huckin Huge - The Risen Sun
John Grace - Amongst It 7 Rivers Expedition
Kayak West - Grayscale
Ken Whiting - Play Daze, The Playboater's Handbook, SOAR - Skills on All Rivers
Low Budget - Jimmy Snyder's The Great White Charc, Mike Yee's Freefall, Green River Narrows
Max Bilbow - Means of Production
Norell - David Norell's The Revolution - Urban Kayaking, puking, and some great steep creeks.
Ology Productions - White Album, Creatures of Habit
Photographic Expeditions - Into the Black, Nahanni The River Less Traveled, FreeStylin
Possum Creek Productions - Falling Off Walden's Ridge, Steep Creekin
Priestley Brothers - Breathe
Squirt Boating DVDs
Steep Creek Films - Loss of Altitude
SteepCreek - Local Hero Extreme kayaking humor 
Stone and Water - Exploring Idaho
Teton Gravity Research - Valhalla, Nurpu, Wehyakin extreme kayaking videos
Trout Lips Video - Tales of the Paddlesnake, Tallulah Carnage 98, Deliver Me From The Paddlesnake, The Paddlesnake Hunters
Videolink - Twitch, Twitch 2000 - Extreme kayaking videos
Voyageurs North Productions - Paddling Alaska's Yukon River, Paddling the Missinaibi Mattice to Moose Crossing, Paddling Montana's Upper Missouri Wild and Scenic River, Paddling  Paddling Superior's North Shore Pukuska National Park to Michopicoten 
Loaded Gun Productions - The Fix, Aphrodisia, Off The Deep End
Riot Kayaks - Operation Zulu, Searching for the Gee Spot, Wicked Liquid, Wicked Liquid II, Channel Surfing
Nate Nash - Royal Flush, The Players
Alex Nicks - Wicked Liquid I & II, Jehovah's Wetness
The Zone Dogg
Ashland Mine Productions - No Big Names
E.J. - Kayaking with Eric Jackson
Sam Drevo - Fast track to Kayaking
Simon Westgarth - Gene 17 Kayaking - Genotype - Adventures in Loonerland - Destination Nowhere
Accessories - Orosi Sunglasses - Boof Gear -
Kate Geis Riversense
Lisa Utronki - B.East
LVM - Lunch Video Magazine
Tom Foster - Open Canoe Instruction
Wild Soul - Becky Bristow
Young Gun Productions - Dynasty, New Reign
Epicocity - Mission Epicocity, Bigger Than Rodeo
Eric Jackson - Kayaking with E.J. & his other kayak instructionals


Canoeing Books - Kent Ford's Solo Playboating, Canoe & Kayak Magazine's Canoeing
Eclectic Paddling Books - Corran Addison's Kayaker's Little Book of Wisdom, William Nealy
Paddling Guide Books - Appalachian Whitewater Northern & Southern
Outdoor Safety Books - Emergency Medical Procedures for the Outdoors
Sea Kayaking Books - Canoe & Kayak Magazine's Kayak Touring
Whitewater Kayak Instruction Books - Instruction from Ken Whiting, Kent Ford, Eric Jackson
Rafting Books - Whitewater Rafting Manual - A sister site - The largest U.S. Distributor of paddling videos, books & DVDs.

We are located near Alpharetta, GA.

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Kayaking is not spelled like kayking, or kyking.  One paddles a kayak, not a kayk, or kyak!  We still carry Kayaking VHS video tapes, but the world is being taken over by kayak DVDs and video of kayaking on DVD.

All text descriptions, renditions of pictures and video clips contained on this site are copyright 2007 by  All video clips and pictures are reprinted with the permission of, and are copyrighted by, the owner of the product portrayed.

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