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Driftwood & Scott Lindgren Productions

Scott Lindgren is a prolific producer of extreme kayaking movies including Good to the Last Drop, Liquid Lifestyles, Thirst and most recently, Steve Fisher: Black Book.


Steve Fisher
Black Book

63 minutes 2007

Retail $26.95  Yours for $23.95

This is a profile of the life & times of Steve Fisher, who started paddling at age 5 and may be the best big water paddler in the world.  The video takes us on his journey from mastering the huge water of the Zambesi to the TsangPo Gorge to his house on an island in the White Nile with interviews from other paddling lumenaries.  Of course, there is lots and lots of gorgeous whitewater and stunning scenery and wildlife, especially in the Nile footage from Uganda.

For more footage of Murchison Falls section of White Nile, see Tweaking the Nose of Terror



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Burning Time 2

45 minutes + bonus 2006

Retail $26.95  Yours for $23.95

Scott Lindgren has pulled together a great video here.  Excellent videography and gorgeous lighting make the giant waves and massive rapids into fantastic eye candy.  Join Steve Fisher, Sam Drevo, Dave Garringer, Rusty Sage, Bryan Kirk, Andrew Holcomb, Shannon Carroll, Jason Hale, Tyler Curtis and Dale Jardin in a variety of locales including Africa, Turkey, Skookumchuck, China, Middle Kaweah, & California. 

There's a run on Niagara Gorge, perhaps the first since 1987 when there was legal access for only 2 weeks and Nolan Whitesell paddled it in an open canoe.  It took 90 seconds to run a mile of whitewater.on 125,000 cfs.  Awesome!  And, if all that world class whitewater weren't enough, Scott included a snow ski segment that is more heinous than the whitewater!



Burning Time

55 minutes 2004

Retail $26.95  Yours for $24.95

This is a variety video from Scott Lindgren.  Some excellent camera angles highlight some truly huge water and some very pretty waterfalls.  There's a big waterfall carnage sequence, too.  But, this video isn't only paddling.  There's some extreme skiing in Alaska with some fantastic helmetcam footage of an avalanche.  The freefall parachute kayaking is cool.  And there's even some base jumping.

This video is overfilled with in your face commercials and product placement.  But, that is what gave Scott the money to hire the helicopter for some great big water camera angles.  It also helped to obtain some great music for the soundtrack.



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Into The Tsang Po Gorge - Outside TV - Scott Lindgren Productions

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Into the Tsangpo Gorge

45 minutes 2002

Yours for $22.95VHS or $23.95DVD

Seven world class boaters tackle one of the biggest rivers, and deepest gorges in the world.  Only one other party has even attempted the Tsangpo, and that was tragically unsuccessful.  This is one of the most remote and difficult runs in the world.

This video was professionally produced for Outside Television.

Scott Lindgren, Johnnie Kern, Willie Kern, Dustin Knapp, Steve Fischer, Mike Abbott, Allan Ellard

 Also check out 7 Weeks in Tibet


Liquid Lifestyles 4


Retail $29.95 - Yours for $26.95

A host of top paddlers tackle Canada's Slave River, fjords & icebergs in NewFoundland, Indonesia, an 1800 foot slide in California, Mexico, and British Columbia's awesome Stikine River.

Miles Daisher, Corran Addison, Andrew Holcomb, Rusty Sage, Clay Wright, Tom Fredericks, Dustin Knapp, Jayson Bowerman, Johnnie Kern, Randy Phillips, Willie Kern, Dale Jardine, Brandon Knapp, Polk Deters, Steve Fisher, Eric Southwick, Dave Persolja

DVD Compatibility Issues: A small but significant number of people are unable to play this DVD on their players.  We will replace any incompatible DVDs with VHS once the DVD is returned and tested.  If the DVD is defective, we'll replace it under warranty. These warranties are limited to 30 days from date of purchase.  It will not play on Sony Playstation!

Aerated - Teva - Scott Lindgren kayaking video


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Liquid Lifestyles 3 Spawning Grounds Scott Lindgren Kayaking Video

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Liquid Lifestyles 3
Spawning Grounds

Retail $29.95 - Yours for $24.95

Starting with the carnage sequence at the beginning, this tape is packed with action.  Watch kayaks play in gigantic holes on the White Nile, surf the tubes in the Indian Ocean, and paddle a first descent in India.  There's also kayaking in Morocco, Norway, California, and Canada.




Retail $26.95 Yours for $24.95

Also known as Liquid Lifestyles 2, this is an impressive video.  The video quality is excellent.   The scenery and rapids are spectacular!  This tape starts with gorgeous underwater squirt footage.  The runs are from all over the world, but special attention is paid on the San Joaquin River in California (where Clay Wright tacoes his boat) and the Po Tsang Po in Tibet.   Naturally, there are huge drops and giant rapids.

Download 2.7MB Intel 5 Avi Demo

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Thirst Liquid Lifestyles 2 Scott Lindgren kayak video
Stars:  Brett Brashers, Clay Wright, Brandon Knapp, Shane Benedict, Tao Berman, Jeff Snyder, Willie Kern, John Kern, Ed Lucero, Allen Braswell, Dan Gavere, Brad Ludden, Charlie Munsey, Scott Lindgren, Arnd Shaftlein, Dustin Knapp


Liquid Lifestyles Scott Lindgren Kayak Video

Download 2.3MB Intel 5 compressed AVI demo


Liquid Lifestyles

Retail $22.95 Yours for $22.95

Huge whitewater in California, New Zealand & Europe.  Includes an expedition to the Middle Fork of the Kings in California, a tribute to Chuck Kern, and some heinous stuff in Switzerland & New Zealand.   Best of all, the carnage is uncut!

Out of Print

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Good 2 the Last Drop

Retail 19.95 yours for $17.95

30 Minutes

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Good 2 the Last Drop kayak paddling video

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