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Metal Flakes Squirt Boating Video


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 Metal Flakes

 Squirt Boating in West Virginia

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75 minutes 2003

Some of the best squirters around show us the best squirt destinations in the East.  You'll see some great moves and long downtime.  But, despite the title, this is not just about squirtin' in West Virginia.  Plenty of other venues are explored.  There's lots of beautiful surface scenery as well as some underwater footage.

There is also a touching tribute to the destruction and acidic legacy of coal mining.

Filmed on:
Gauley River, WVa
Cheat River, WVa
New River Gorge, WVa
Tygart River, WVa
Farmington River, Connecticutt
Nolichucky River, TN
Ocoee River, TN
Ottawa River, Canada
Potomac River, MD

Jim Snyder
Eric Zitzow
Nathan Mills
Deb O'Keefe
and many, many more



Playing in the Backyard
Retail $14.95, Yours for $12.95

235 pages - 2001

Written by the famous Jimi Snyder and illustrated by the late William Nealy, this is an excellent book.  Jimi's extensive squirt experience combined with Nealy's clear and entertaining drawings make this an excellent instructional book about the elite practice of squirting.  In addition to the instruction, he's included history as well as interviews with the early pioneers of this sport:  Jesse Whittemore, Jeff Snyder, Eric Lindberg, Jeff Schnelle, and Trip Kinney.

Check Out these Squirt Videos:
The Great White Charc
Fun Forever

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Book: Squirt Boating & Beyond - Jimmy Snyder


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The Great White Charc

Retail $24.95    Yours for $23.95

See archival squirt kayak and paddle designs as Jim Snyder talks you through a history of design evolution he participated in.   This was shot in Jim's shop where all the designs he produced were made.   Learn the crucial tricks for many squirt maneuvers with fancy in-shop and on the water demos.  Features a rockin' mystery session with surprise appearances by Jeff Snyder and Masaji Okuoka.  The squirt oddities featured at the end are a peek into new fun moves.

This video is worth it for the history lesson from the inventor and master of squirt.  Don't expect top quality videography and editing.  This is a down home video from the banks of the Cheat River.


The Great WHite Charc

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Fun Forever

Fun Forever

Yours for $19.85 (the year it was filmed)

This is a new copy of the classic squirt video featuring Jim & Jeff Snyder, Paul Marshall, Whitney Shields, Eric Lindber, and Johnny Regan on the Gauley, Cheat, Upper Yough, Big Sandy, and New Rivers.  Great boating, mid 80's quality video, and, um, unusual music.  If you're into squirt boating, you want this tape!


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