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Wherever Waters Flow

A Lifelong Love Affair with Wild Rivers

Retail $26.95  Your for $23.95

2006 Doug Woodward 272 pages

The cover shot is the first descent of Baby Falls.  The man in the cockpit was a stunt man in Deliverance, canoe & kayak guide to Jimmy Carter, founder of a successful raft company, and now, an author. 

From the back cover:
From naive misadventures in a wooden canoe in the 1950's, to introducing Jimmy Carter in kayaking and the wild beauty of the Chattooga;  from family adventures on remote arctic rivers, to advising and stunt work for the film, Deliverance, Doug Woodward's Wherever Rivers Flow is an entertaining and well-documented collection of stories from a lifetime of paddling comradery.



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The Laugh of the Water Nymph
and Other River Stories

Retail $29.50   Yours for $22.49

2004 Doug Ammons 239 pages

Beautifully illustrated, this wonderful book contains the most thoughtful and entertaining stories written by an old school, world class expedition kayaker.  His kayaking resume is impeccable.  But his stories are pure joy.  These are the stories of his adventures - places like Yellowstone and the Alsek, feelings like fear and joy, and the people he paddled with.

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a pocket guide

Tilburg 47 pages 2001


This lightweight book would make a good addition to a survival kit.  It includes detailed information on obtaining/building shelter, dealing with specific medical conditions, signaling aircraft, obtaining water, and orienteering.   A somewhat useful book to read before going into the wilderness, it would be very useful in an emergency, as it provides ideas and reminders that will assist in the heat of the moment.


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TEVA Presents


List $44.95 - Yours for $39.95

This is a hard cover, full color, 160 page coffee table book of awesome whitewater photos by Jock Bradley.  Gorgeous pictures from the settings seen in the extreme videos.

The photos in Torrent are an inspiration to those of us who are exhilarated by photography of the outdoors. The water shots are brilliant in their clarity and creativity. Without being there you feel you are trying to maneuver your kayak through the rocks, cutting a clear path through the glistening whitewater as the cold spray stings your face. - Kari Stein, Photo Editor, Sports Illustrated

Jock’s incredible images are as close as you can get to experiencing extreme kayaking without actually getting wet. - Ross Prather, Editor, Canoe and Kayak Magazine

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L'Eau Vive

A soft cover coffee table book by Deb Pinniger

List $29.95 - Yours for $25.95

“The beauty and mystery of the river has quenched people's thirst since the dawning of time. From the kayaker that chooses to ride her waters to the artist that paints her, she provides a source of energy that nourishes the soul.”

L'eau Vive is a photographic journal of waters from around the world; it will take you on a pictorial journey through Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas. The photography and words will resonate deeply within the souls of paddlers and all those who appreciate the grace of the river.

The book contains 53 exquisite full-color plates interspersed with humorous accounts and poetic writing contributed by friends and fellow kayakers. Deb successfully displays on paper the clear vitality of the world and the uniquely diverse life of a traveler. She presents the kayaking world as both complex and simple; at times it is an epic challenge, at others it is a sublime jaunt and always a great adventure."

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Short & Scary Thrillers Book


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by Rebecca K Rizzo

Retail $10.95  Yours for $9.95
170 pages 1994

A collection of 14 classic scary stories by various authors like Edgar Allen Poe, Ambrose Bierce, Guy de Maupassant, and more.  Perfect for scaring campers out of their sleeping bags while sitting around a fire.



by Joe Lindsay

Retail $5.95  Yours for $4.95
81 pages 1997 

A book of stories about the "Groover" - the portable toilet that accompanies raft trips that must pack everything out they bring in on multiday trips.

These stories are scatologically disgusting, repulsive, putrid..... but funny.  Some even claim to be true!  An entertaining book that you won't want to put down.  But, when you do, you'll say "eEEeewwww!".

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Up Shit Creek River Guide Stories

Like poo humor, do you?
Check out Buck Fever


The River Chasers Book - History of American River Running


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by Susan Taft

Retail $29.95  Yours for $26.95
384 pages 2001

An impressive work, this book covers the history of American whitewater boating.  From 1945 to present, it includes the players, rivers, types of boats, materials, non-profit groups, companies that came & went, and the effect of movies and media on the sport.  This is a thoughtful and interesting work that cannot be fully absorbed in one sitting.

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William Nealy

Whitewater Home Companion

Southeastern Rivers Volume 1

Retail $14.95 Yours for $12.95

164 pages 1981

Time warp back to the past when rivers where bigger and more dangerous than now!  See, in Nealy's inimitable style, drawings and diagrams of the Gauley's Pillow when it was class 5+ and one had to paddle from dam to Swiss in a day.  Nealy covers a number of rivers in the East with his excellent drawings and descriptions.  The runs included are:
Chattooga III & IV
Cheat Canyon
French Broad / Big Laurel
Locust Fork of the Warrior
New River Gorge
Youghiogheny (Lower)

Whitewater Home Companion Book by William Nealy


Kayak Book by William Nealy

 William Nealy


Retail $14.95  Yours for $12.95

171 pages 1986

One might think at first glance, that this book is merely a humorous collection of kayaking cartoons.  But, no, it is really a funny, and very comprehensive kayak instruction book.  It includes sections on rolling, rescue, communication, hydrotopography, and first aid. 


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The Nealy Way of Knowledge
Twenty Years of Extreme Cartoons

by William Nealy

Retail $14.95  Yours for $11.95
231 pages 2000

Tons of fun Nealy cartoons covering skiing, mountain biking, kayaking, climbing, inline skating, fishing, and hunting.  Klansman coneheads, hamstersack, and "No Brain, No Pain".  This is an entertaining, easy read for boaters as well as other outdoor sportsmen.

W. Nealy 1953 - 2001


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The Nealy Way of Knowledge Book by William Nealy

Like humour?  Check out these:
Silent Thunder: The Legend of Team C
Tales of the Paddlesnake
or scroll down for more fun books

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Kayaks to Hell Book by William Nealy

W. Nealy 1953 - 2001


Kayaks To Hell
by William Nealy

Retail 6.95  Yours for $5.95
1982 8th printing

Entropy in kayak vehicles, doppler shift measured in the screams of swimming raft guides, and praise of duct tape.  Great book!

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Whitewater Tales of Terror
by William Nealy

Retail 6.95 Yours for $5.95
1983, 9th printing

A classic and very entertaining book by the late William Nealy.  This one includes an assortment of cartoons  like "Glacieryaking", "Parayaking", and others.  His insight into the psyche of boaters along with his unique sense of humor and artistic skills make this a great light read. 

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Whitewater Tales of Terror Book by William Nealy

W. Nealy 1953 - 2001

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Kayaker's Little Book of Wisdom Book by Corran Addision

Here are some videos with Corran Addison:

Channel Surfing
Searching for the Gee Spot

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Kayaker's Little Book of Wisdom

by Corran Addison

Retail $6.95  Yours for $5.95

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363 tips and ideas about paddling from safety to humor to social skills and appreciation of nature.  The author owns and operates Riot Kayaks.


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