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Solo Open Whitewater Canoeing
with Tom Foster

2005  113 minutes

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Master ACA Instructor Trainer Tom Foster presents this comprehensive ACA style instructional video.  Almost 2 hours of training make this quite a bargain.  Like an ACA course, most of the instruction is on flatwater with focus on stroke technique.  But there is also some good whitewater demonstration of the skills presented.

The information presented in this video is excellent.  Tom Foster's instruction  and technique is perfect.  These attributes more than make up for the lack of a wireless mike.  Every open canoeist can benefit from this video.  Watch this DVD & you will become a better paddler!


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Catch Every Eddy
Surf Every Wave

Retail $15.95 Yours for $12.95

261 pages - 1995

Everything from reading whitewater to group dynamics are covered in this whitewater paddling instructional.  Canoes, C1s and kayaks are covered, much of it without reference to the type of boat or paddle used.  Other chapters discuss specifics to each craft.  Rescue techniques and rolling is also covered in depth.  This is a comprehensive book from which everyone can learn something.



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