Imports from Overseas


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2009  30 minutes

A team of the best Russian expedition paddlers spend two years exploring world class whitewater in Russia.  The whitewater is impressive and extreme.  That point is made painfully clear by the deaths of two of the team during filming.  Video quality is high and the rapids complex and interesting.
Russia has some truly beautiful and untamed places.

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For more, older Russian footage - A Glorious Way to Die


Downunder the Horizonline

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45 minutes  2008

Three Australian kayakers paddle the globe to prove you can live your dream without a bank account.  They made this video to persuade their friends to join them.

The most unique part of this video is the tour of Australian rivers & creeks.  How many videos show Aussie rivers?




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7 Weeks in Tibet

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95 minutes  2007

Dave Kwant brings us this well done documentary about paddling in Tibet.  Follow an international team of 6 kayakers in their attempt of a first descent of the Parlung Tsangpo, a tributary of the Tsangpo.  The scenery, Tibetan culture & color, as well as the huge whitewater are all superb.

Besides 2 versions of the documentary, this disc also includes 2 ten minute bonus videos by Steve Rogers.  One is about paddling in Scotland.  The other is a video diary which includes footage from the U.K., Norway, and British Columbia. 

This video is entertaining and an excellent buy! 

Wanna see more of Tibet?
Into the Tsangpo Gorge


in flux

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65 minutes  2006

Winner 2006 NPFF Best of Festival

From France comes this fine destination kayaking video.  David Arnaud takes us all over the world.  He starts with a trip to the lush, verdant volcanic Reunion Island, where the steep, narrow canyons receive an average of 470 inches of rain per year.  Next we're off to the stunning scenery of the Italian Alps.  He comes over to North America to visit the huge waves of Lachine and Reversing Falls of New Brunswick.  The contrast between the Moroccan desert and the flush rivers of the Atlas mountains provides another opportunity for beautiful videography.  After a visit to Norway and France's Hawaii Sur Rhone at flood, we move on to a big adventure in Russia as David & crew pioneer a few first descents in the Lake Bakal region of Siberia.

I have watched the video again on my Sony DVD player, which works properly.  Now, when I chose English, I get English narration & subtitles for any French comments. This is a top drawer video. 



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Click the pic to see the back

Bonus! - Includes Adventures in Loonerland



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Advanced Whitewater Technique

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50 minutes Instruction plus 31 minutes bonus 2005

Simon Westgarth brings us this very good intermediate to advanced creekin' instructional.  This video focuses on how to run slides, boofs and big drops.  The examples are plenty and varied while the instruction is clear and concise.  Genes complements both Legend of the Falls and E.J.'s River Running series without much overlap.  But there is more to this video...

There is quite a difference in style and flavor between this British production and our familiar North American videos.  Simon keeps his narrative to a minimum (thankfully), choosing to explain with text boxes, graphics and tons of examples instead.  The music tracks are quite agreeable with the drops and rapids so impressive, that this could have been a music video instead of an instructional.  Some of the terms could use some translation (like "Flaring", known in the SE U.S. as a "Seven Foot Move"), but the whitewater demonstrations and skills transcend the language differences.

If the boof isn't second nature to you, or you want to learn more about running big slides or drops, this is an excellent addition to your instructional collection.


a beginner teaching production

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Filmed exclusively on the Soča River in Slovenia.  Simon Westgarth with the help of Paul 'Cheesy' Robertson & Pietro Linda, reveal the best of new school kayaking technique for the beginner paddler

Using Simon's professional education background as a school teacher, the production's delivery is aimed at capturing peoples' different learning styles

Bulletin text & flow charts are mixed in with mellow music & clear instructions to present all the key techniques

Additional chapters include a review of paddlers gear, the classification of whitewater, group paddling & rescue skills

Through a verity of teaching style approaches, Genotype reveals a number of new school techniques that will allow you a rapid access to your steep learning curve

Out of Print



Genotype Gene 17 Kayaking Video Instruction Simon Westgarth

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Destination Nowhere Kayak Action Video


Destination Nowhere

a european kayak action movie

37 minutes 2002

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Ocean surfing in Portugal.  Steep creekin in Piemont, Italy.  Gorgeous Norwegian waterfalls.  This video is a tour of some great sopts on the other side of the pond.  Well shot and edited.

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Adventures in Loonerland
Playing in the Backyard
Retail $29.95, Yours for $19.95

31 minutes 2001

This UK video by Simon Westgarth features some of the best UK kayakers including Deb Pinniger, Paul "Cheesy" Robertson, Ed Cornfield, Mark Birkbeck & Andy Phillips.  This is an MTV style music video with short interviews and soundbites.  Lots of steep creekin and some play in New Zealand, Norway, and Africa.  There's also some serious carnage in Rapid Number Nine on the Zambesi.

NOW ON DVD!  Included in GENES

Download 2.6MB MPG Demo Clip

 Adventures in Loonerland Simon Westgarth Video


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