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We've designed this software to be a safe and secure as possible.  For instance:

Credit Card Security - We do not collect or store credit card information on this server.  When the time comes for you to enter credit card info, you are connected to our credit card handler (Authorizenet) via a secure link (look for the "https://" in the URL).  They collect, verify, and store the transaction information, and we believe they are safe.  They are a big company in this field.

E-mail and Demographic info - We do not sell your e-mail address or demographic info.  I think that's a breach of reasonable privacy.  But we do collect it, and, we will use it for our own purposes like notifying you of a new product.  If you feel that's spam, or object to it for some other reason, don't tell us now.  Tell us when  we get around to sending you an e-mail.  There will be a real removal address on it, I promise.  In the meantime, we need a correct address in case there's a problem with product or payment.

Cookies - This software wants to give you a cookie!  The cookie is tiny and includes ONLY your unique order id.  This allows you to leave the program, for an instant or a day, and when you return later, the program will still remember your incomplete order.  You can then continue or empty your cart.  The cookie rots away in about a month and is gone without a trace (must be computer bugs that eat it!).