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This is the Sea 4

2008  150 minutes

Retail $29.95  Yours for $26.95

Over 2.5 hours of sea kayak action!
3 Expeditions
BC's Queen Charlotte Islands
Island hopping from Australia to Tasmania
A 2400KM trip around the South Island of New Zealand

Rough Water Rolling
Greenland Rope Gymnastics
Commando Kayaking
Rock Hopping in Baja
Kayak Games in Norway's Fjords
Kayak Fishing
Paddling the Dead Sea
Whitewater Sea Kayaking on the Ottawa River
Superior's Apostle Islands



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Go to WhitewaterVideo's Home Page Buy it at

This is the Sea 3

2007  127 minutes

Retail $29.95  Yours for $26.95

Here is more than two hours of sea kayaking!  See the harrowning tale of 3 Australians and their paddle 800km down the Antarctic peninsula.  Watch the fantastic loops, swims and sweet surf on the Scottish Falls of Lora.  Check out the video profile of Paul Caffyn, the legend who circumnavigated Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Japan and Alaska.  Join Justine on an expedition to the Faroe Islands as she is challenged by gales, fog, and tidal races.  And there's more:  Shetland, New Zealand beach surf, and a sea kayak cartwheel!



This is the Sea Two

2005  90 minutes

Retail $29.95  Yours for $26.95



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Go to WhitewaterVideo's Home Page Buy it at

 This is the Sea 

2004 60 minutes 

Retail $29.95  Yours for $26.95

Billed as "The first ever action sea kayak video", this video compares well to the action whitewater videos.  You'll see huge sea kayak enders in surf, close encounters with whales, manatees, icebergs, and brown bears, as well as surfing, great scenery, and even some carnage.

This video takes you to some wonderful destinations:
Sonoma Coast, California
Weeke Watchi River, FL
Tybee Island, GA
Kamchatka, Russia
Penryn Mawr, Wales

And it includes interviews and profiles of top sea kayakers like Nigel Foster, Chris Duff, Mallgiaq Padilla, Shawna Franklin, Nigel Dennis, Ginni Callahan, and more.  This video may be the beginning of a new genre of sea kayak videos!  



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