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Cock Pit Ben Aylsworth Kayaking Humor



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52 minutes 2002 (CockPit)

Ben has developed a (well earned) reputation for pornographic boating videos.  This one is his most tasteless yet.  But, besides the X rated material he has slipped in, there is some excellent boating and a lot of very entertaining carnage.  This is not a tape for young people or prudes.  But, to the uninhibited boater, particularly males, it's great. 

We do not accept returns on this tape if you don't like it.  Don't ask.  If you think you might be offended, you will be.  In that case, don't watch it.

Cock Pit



Retail $29.95 Yours for $26.95

33 minutes 2001

Won Best of Show Professional at 2002 NPFF

Since "Gush" and "Who's Your Daddy" contained some (ahem) sexually oriented material, many stores wouldn't carry them.  So, Ben created "Main Stream".  It's got a few of the best boating clips from the other two, and lots of new stuff.  And you can watch this one with your kids and Grandma!

Some really great boating, and some terrific carnage set together with some decent tunes make this a fun tape suitable for everyone.  


Main Stream Kayak Video Humor


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Gush Kayaking Video S&M Ben


Retail $29.95 Yours for $26.95

S&M Ben and a crew of crazy Canadians are at it again!  Big drops, freestyle action, heinous carnage and more!  Pamela the love doll makes her video debut showing off some really good surfing action, and running Niagara Falls!  Also, Shannon Carroll begins her singing career.

If there were ratings, this tape would be rated "R".  Don't watch this with your young kids or prudish mother.

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Who's Your Daddy?

Yours for $19.95

This is a fun tape from the Great White North.  Lot's of quality paddling .... some high quality, some terribly low.  Really good rodeo footage mixed in with great carnage and a couple of funny skits.  At 43 minutes long and very entertaining, this is a bargain!

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Who's Your Daddy Kayak Humor


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