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2008 - approx 70 min + bonus material

This double feature includes two 35 minute videos:

Source - Top notch videography and editing take the viewer to Vietnam, the high Sierras, and both a successful & an unsuccessful run on 107 foot Alexandra Falls.

State of the Art - a music video showcasing young paddlers and bumpin' music.



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2006 - approx 30 min + bonus material

Outstanding videography with copious camera angles make this music video very watchable.  Solid editing timed to the music keeps the rodeo action from being too repetitive.  Lots of aerial action on the big wave, huge water and tall drops in Uganda, Canada, USA, Madagascar, & New Zealand.  There's even some original music here!


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2004 - approx 30 min + bonus material

YGP is back with a video that blows away their last one!  Excellent video quality, tons of action, and thumpin' music make this a fun music video.  Big drops and big air are the hallmark of this video.  There's even a pretty good carnage sequence thrown in!  Shot in Canada, New Zealand, Ecuador, Chile, Uganda, France, South Africa, Austria, Norway, there's plenty of variety, too!


The Next Generation

Retail $25.00   No Longer Sold by us - legal considerations.

2002 ?? minutes

This music video is well shot and well edited.  It features young paddlers, mostly in the 17 or 18 year old range.  Their boating skills are demonstrated in playboating as well as some big drops and steep creeking in Chile, Canada, Austria, and the U.S.

Dustin Urban, Rush Sturges, Brooks Baldwin, Chico Rodriguez, Mike D., Jack Flash Schurman, The Islander Boyz, Lane Jacobs, Jonathon Sanders, Ian Mickle, Merlin Hanauer, Pat Keller, Patrick Camblin, Marlow Long



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