Alex Nicks


Tweaking The Nose of Terror

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43 minutes 2005

This video really does take you to the ends of the Earth.  Alex Nicks takes us to the Patagonia drainage in Chile for an adventure on the Rio Baker and Rio Pascua for huge water at the tip of South America.  Next, enjoy the stark contrast of whitewater flowing through the desert behind the Islamic Curtain in Iran.  And then on to the Nile...  The Bujugali Falls section of the White Nile has some great big water play.  Ethiopia's Blue Nile has some great whitewater, in between the crocodile infested pools.  But all that was a warm up for the real terror!  The grand finale of the video is the second descent (first one filmed) of the  Murchison Falls section of the White Nile...  HUGE RAPIDs with great quantities of hippos lurking beneath the. surface of the slower water.  Hippos are way more dangerous than the crocs!  "Tweaking The Nose Of Terror" is an apt name for this exciting video.

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Jehovah's Wetness Kayaking Video - Wicked Liquid  3  


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Jehovah's Wetness

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30 minutes 2002

From the man that brought you Wicked Liquid I & II, here is Wicked Liquid III.  This video takes us to the Mekong river in Thailand, the Orinoco in Venezuela, and the Congo.  You'll see huge drops,  huge water, and hot moves in exotic venues.  The videography is excellent, and the local color in the different countries is interesting.  The freestyle on the giant water of the Orinoco is pretty cool, too.

Stars:  Mikey Abbott, Tyler Curtis, Corby Leff, Brad Ludden, Alex Nicks, Marianne Saether, Seth Warren

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Wicked Liquid II
(Wicked Liquid 2)

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30 Minutes 2000

It's in stock and it's awesome.  It's filmed on the White Nile, Zambesi, and some other really cool waterfalls.  Huge water, people playing in gigantic holes, big waterfalls, and gorgeous scenery.

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Wicked Liquid II Kayaking Video



Wicked Liquid Kayaking Video

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Wicked Liquid

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25 minutes 1999

The HUGE whitewater on the Zambesi.

Some of the finest play boating footage in the world on one of the most spectacular rivers in the world, the Zambezi.  Surfing, cartwheels, wavewheels, splitwheels, and blunts on some of the largest whitewater on this planet.  Includes a guide to the river & some great raft wipeouts.

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