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A year with Tao Berman and Team

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This video contains footage from five television shows that followed Tao Berman, Josh Bechtel, Erik Boomer, and Todd Anderson around the Americas looking for huge waterfalls and first descents. Tao's own footage shows the team having fun and pulling off stunts that only the best extreme athletes seem to get away with. Shot in Chile, Mexico, Michigan, Minnesota, Washington, and Oregon.


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Winner - Professional General 2008 NPFF




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Twitch V 

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Tao Berman & Josh Bechtel team up with Eric Seymour & Ben Stookebury (of No Big Names fame) to bring some of the biggest waterfalls ever run to video.  Eric Link brings us up close and personal for insights into why these kayakers do what they do.

Twitch V includes "Wake Boating", first descents in Alaska, Argentina, British Columbia, Idaho, and Washington, as well as many extras  like a documentary about Tao called "Fearless".

All in all, Twitch V is a waterfall fest.  Big ones, small ones, mostly very complicated ones.  Many are multi-drop with twists. Almost all have significant entries.  Some are just plain scary.

This DVD also includes the original "Twitch".  You'll get a lot for your money.

Combo Special!

Twitch 2000 Still Twitch'n Combo DVD

 Twitch 2000 & Still Twitch'n 
 combined on one DVD! 

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Both were great tapes.  Now, enjoy the quality, durability and convenience of DVD.  Scroll down to read about the tapes.


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Twitch TV

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2002 36 minutes

Another waterfall packed video here.  Tao sets two more records.  Stuart Smith guides the Twitch crew down some awesome Canadian whitewater on Redearth Creek, Beauty Creek and Sheep River.  They travel to Hispaniola and Norway where they run Bronsetheiva, Myrkedalseiva & Hleiva.  Beautiful water, huge drops, and some fantastic helmetcam footage make this tape a winner!

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Twitch IV TV Video Tao Berman's World Record

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Southern Canadian Rockies
Central Canadian Rockies


Still Twitch'n Action Extreme Kayak Video

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Canadian Rockies Whitewater: The Central Rockies
Canadian Rockies Whitewater: The Southern Rockies

Still Twitch'n

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As usual, a very high quality tape from Eric Link.  The big signature drop is a run on a concrete sluiceway video taped by helmetcam & helicopter - 750 ft vertical, 1/2mile long, 50mph!.  Tao Berman, Brandon Knapp, David Norell, Stuart Smith star on the steep creeks of Western Canada and a beautiful first descent in Thailand.  There's also some good freestyle action on Skook.

Runs include:
Ashlu Creek
Mashiter Creek
Maquam River
Cullitan Creek
South Creek
Skookum Creek
East Fork Middle River

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This tape includes amazing runs of HUGE waterfalls.  It also includes the inevitable carnage by these expert kayakers.  There are clean runs of enormous drops as well as Class 5+++ swims and rope rescues.  Filmed in Washington, Canada and the Dominican Republic, Twitch 2000 includes a bunch of first descents.  Shot on digital video and digitally mastered, both video and music are top quality!

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Twitch 2000 Kayak Video


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Twitch Eric Link Kayak Action Video

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32 minutes


Paddlers Tao Berman, Marco Colella, Gavin Murdoch and Ben Selznick team up to run some of the most spectacular waterfalls ever attempted.

Contains over 10 first descent drops from Montana's Big Timber Creek and Washington's Upper North Fork of the Skykomish to Mexico's Rio Tomata.  See Tao's unofficial world record waterfall run - over 75 feet.

Sound track includes some of the Northwest's hottest bands.

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