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The legend of the paddlesnake, video kayak & canoe guides to Tallulah Gorge, Little River Canyon (LRC), Chattooga, Tellico, Stekoa Creek, Warwoman Creek, Overflow Creek, Johnnies Creek, Wolf Creek, North Chickamauga (North Chick), Cain Creek, Jones Creek, Short Creek, Pigeon Dries, Raquette, Beaver, Moshier Section, Eagle Section, Paddle Snake.



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DVD Only

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2005 Runtime approx 63 minutes

This combo DVD includes both the original Tales of the Paddlesnake (click here for description) as well as Tales of Tallulah.  The best (and worst) of 7 years of shooting video at Tallulah is compiled here.  You'll see ten year old Dane Jackson's run on Oceana with a touching interview with his father.  Thrill to some awesome raft carnage and a study of the Thing.  And, to keep it real, two injuries and a piece about an ill prepared boater who learned his lesson are included.  There's a full, rapid by rapid guide to Tallulah including helmet cam footage.  And 3 new creek runs in Alabama including a first descent.  So between the two videos, all these runs are included with rapid names and, usually, the river levels:

Little River Canyon Lower Johnnies Creek
Lower "Teddy Bear Creek" Wolf Creek (outside LRC)
North Chickamauga Creek Cain Creek
Tellico River (Ledges) Wildcat Creek
Upper Conasauga River Tallulah Gorge
Upper "Teddy" Bear Creek Top Johnnies Creek
Upper & Middle Johnnies Creek Hicks Creek (1st descent)


 The Paddlesnake 

VHS Retail $24.95  Yours for $21.95
DVD Retail $27.95  Yours for $24.95

VHS Runtime 45 minutes
DVD Runtime 45 min plus 20 min Music Video

Once again, the intrepid paddlesnake hunters are bringing you the best carnage and excellent excuses!  As they tour various rivers in the Southeast & New York, they find religion from a preacher that urges boaters to confess their swims, a fairy tale from Dr. Ekans, some new "moves" from Eric Jackson, and something far scarier than any paddlesnake!

This video includes top to bottom tours with rapid names and levels of:
Short Creek, AL (III/IV)
Jones Creek, AL (V)
Pigeon Dries, NC (IV/V)
Stone Valley, Raquette, NY (IV/V)
Moshier Section, Beaver, NY (IV/V)
Eagle Section, Beaver, NY (V)

Mariann Saether also tells us how to run Oceana and leads us into some impressive carnage that we can all learn from .


DVD includes a 20 minute music video version also.

The Paddlesnake Hunters - Tallulah Pigeon Dries Raquette Beaver River Jones Creek

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Wanna see ALL of the Chattooga watershed?
Deliver Me From The Paddlesnake - The Chattooga Watershed

Download 2.2MB Avi Demo File

Deliver Me From The Paddlesnake

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47 Minutes

Top to bottom coverage of the kayaking & canoeing in the Chattooga watershed including:
West Fork
Section 2
Section 3
Section 4
Warwoman Creek
Stekoa Creek
Overflow Creek

And a very useful Carnage and Safety Section
Mixed in with all that is great guitar music, rapid names and levels (from .6 to 4.5 feet), some cool special effects, and a fun story line.

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The Paddlesnake T-Shirt

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Paddlesnake T-Shirt

High quality Hanes Beefy T with 6 colors front and back.


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Winner of the Paddler's Choice Award & Best of the NPFF at the 1998 National Paddling Film Festival!

This contains the Tallulah presentation that met rave reviews at the Carolina Paddlesports Film Festival!


12/4/98 Atlanta Journal Constitution

River Magazine Review

Tales of the Paddlesnake - Kayak & Canoe Video

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Tales of the Paddlesnake

VHS 34 minutes

Retail - $29.95 // Your cost - $26.95

A tour of some of the Southeast's most exciting and beautiful rivers. Includes top to bottom tours of Little River Canyon and Tallulah Gorge. Also great tape from the creeks of Little River Canyon including Johnnies, Bear and Wolf. Other segments on North Chick, Cain Creek, Tellico, Wildcat, and the Conasauga. Levels and rapid names are superimposed. Filmed mostly from an open boater's perspective, this piece includes plenty of kayak footage, great lines, and scary wipeouts. Another bonus is the first capture of a paddlesnake ever filmed.

See all the rapids of Tallulah Gorge including Oceana, Bridal Veil, Tom's Brainbuster, and Road to Aintry!

Music by Foghat, Gary Hoey, Duane Eddy and Jeff Beck. Digitally mastered & recorded in HiFi Stereo.

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Sponsored in part by Werner Paddles  

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Tallulah Carnage 98

13 Minutes for $12.00

VHS Only

There's nothing socially redeeming about this tape.  Nothing but the most awesome wipeouts from Tallulah Gorge in 1998.  Both kayaks & canoes get munched in holes and beaten by the "Thing" at Oceana.  Humor, and world class carnage choreographed to great music.


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