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One World

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approx 85 minutes 2004

High definition video brings you more detail as we travel to Zambia, Uganda, Costa Rica, China, Kyrgyzstan and Norway.  See the minus rapids on the Zambesi above the usual run.  Go surfing on the beach and paddling in the mountains of Costa Rica.  See some enormous whitewater in China.  And there's also some great stuff from Norway and Uganda.  Some of the other fun footage includes some really nice helmetcam, teasing the crocodiles in Africa, local scenery & color in China and more of the lovely and ubiquitous Marianne Saether.  This is an all star cast from all over the world and well worth the price of admission.

from Arden Oksanen & Trask Mcfarland




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Wehyakin Extreme Kayak Video


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61 minutes plus DVD extras 2003

The music adventure video starts with the Big waterfalls and long fast slides of Norway.  Then they join Arnd Schaftlein for some ocean surf kayaking in Hawaii.  Then, more surf kayaking off Baja.  Tired of the beach, they move up in the mountains for some big drops in the lush forest of British Columbia. Next, in Montana, they do some dirty creekin' in the Beartooth Mountains.  Big air is the name of the game in the freestyle rodeo segment.  There's even some great C1 action!  More big waterfalls (along with some ice) are found in the Iceland segment.  Did I mention that this video has lots of waterfalls?

As usual from TGR, his is a very professional, primarily music video.  The DVD includes lots of teasers and director's commentary.  Either way, it's got some great eye candy.

from Arden Oksanen & Trask Mcfarland
and featuring:

Ben Selznick
Brad Ludden
Brooks Baldwin
Corey Boux
Brandon Knapp
John Andresson
Brett Ferre
Marlow Long
Morton Eilertsen
Seth Warren
Becky Bristow
Marianne Saether
Nick Turner
Scott Feindel
Matt Wilson
Matt Rusher
Shane Spencer




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2002 64 minutes

Kayaking in exotic locations like Bosnia, Croatia, Norway, Iceland, Alaska, Island of Reunion and more.  Lots of big drops, some carnage, some very cool runs.

The DVD version contains a bunch of extra content.  There is a version of the movie with commentary from the athletes, as well as director's commentary and a neat segment on the making of, which includes the bear scene.


Alex Allen, Andrew Bell, Tyler Brandt, Becky Bristow, Brad Burden, Scott Doherty, Jay Kincaid, Keith Liles, Scott Ligare, Brad Ludden, Eric Martinsen, Dan Menten, Mariann Saether, Ben Selznick, Flemming Schmidt, Nick Turner, Seth Warren, Matt Wilson



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Valhalla Norway Kayaking

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Nurpu TGR Kayak Video


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about 60 Minutes

High quality video from around the world.  Footage from Nepal, Montana, Chile, Canada, and Europe.  The Canyaking footage from Europe is unique - kayaking through deep canyon formations sometimes only as wide as the boat!

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