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Boating, Rafting & the History of River Running in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River


River Runners of the Grand Canyon Don Briggs

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River Runners of the Grand Canyon

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124 minutes

This masterpiece work by Don Briggs covers the history and characters involved in running the awesome whitewater of the Grand Canyon.  Done with every bit the quality of a National Geographic special, it includes interviews with people like Georgie White, Martin Litton, and Barry Goldwater.   It also has amazing footage of the Kolb brothers runs at the begining of this century, the first kayak run (1941), Norman Neville's boat made from a horse trough, numerous upriver attempts, and the first and only successful upriver run of Lava Falls.   This is a special tape perfect for someone interested in the Grand Canyon.

Find out how the Grand Canyon affected the lives of Barry Goldwater, Bobby Kennedy, Sheena "Queen of the Jungle", and Warren Miller.

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Grand Canyon
Mule Ride

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A must for those who have taken the mule trip...  For those who haven't, this is as close as you're going to get to the real thing.
Climb aboard... from early morning round up to the head wrangler's memorable talk on how to ride a mule, to steak dinner served family style at Phantom Ranch... experience the Grand Canyon like never before.
Thrill to the hair raising switchbacks of the Devil's Corkscrew and Jacob's Ladder... watch real "dudes" hanging on for dear life.
Learn about the history of the Canyon's trails, bridges and mule trips...  see a 1920's mule trip.  Hear wranglers tell stories about dudes... hear original "mule music" by the 1935 Grand Canyon Cowboy Band.  Discover the difference between a Missouri mule and a Tennessee mule... learn where mules come from.



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