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 Mike Yee, Leland Davis,

Oil & Water

53 minutes 2008

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Two kayakers, Seth Warren & Tyler Bradt convert a Toyota diesel fire truck into a veggie powered campmobile and travel from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to the southern tip of Argentina.  Along the way, they paddle some cool whitewater, meet some new friends, and speak at schools along the way about renewable energy sources.  Winner of 4 major awards, and a big endorsement from the actor Patrick Stewart.

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20 minutes 2005

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This fun, but short video includes a number of rivers in Minnesota, an  area under represented on video considering the quality of the whitewater in the area.  The rivers are steep and the drops are big.  Athough most of the runs are in the Lake Superior Region, a handful of runs in Idaho, Montana, and Manitoba can also be found here.





Playin' in the Back Yard
Playing in the Backyard
Yours for $19.95

Leland Davis spends most of his days paddling the Green River Narrows of North Carolina.  This is his excellent tape of this steep class 5+ creek.  The tour section shows the river in order rapid by rapid with kayak, C1, and OC1 action.  There's also a carnage section, freestyle, and a special run down Lower Joe Creek.  This tape is not a big professional production, but it is an excellent tour of the SouthEast's premier summer creek run.

The New DVD version includes some bonus sections:
Pat Keller's flawless helmetcam run is fantastic! 
A great section from British Columbia
Running Gorilla at 200%
A demo clip from Yoga for Paddlers

Wanna see more of the Green?  Check Out:
The Adventures of Johny Utah

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Playing in the Back Yard Green Narrows Kayaking & Canoeing Video by Leland Davis





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Mike Yee, Bob Foote, Al Hooper, Mark Miller, John Hill and others run the huge drops and big volume rivers in Chile.   Includes open boat, kayak and raft footage from the Bio Bio, Pangue Dam Site, Rio Maichin, Seven Teacups, and Rio Fuy.

There are some great lines on world class rapids and drops and beautiful scenery.  But, best of all, watch as these world class boaters get their butts handed to them!  Incredible whitewater carnage!  Don't expect much in video quality, though.

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The Great White Charc

Retail $24.95    Yours for $23.95

See archival squirt kayak and paddle designs as Jim Snyder talks you through a history of design evolution he participated in.   This was shot in Jim's shop where all the designs he produced were made.   Learn the crucial tricks for many squirt maneuvers with fancy in-shop and on the water demos.  Features a rockin' mystery session with surprise appearances by Jeff Snyder and Masaji Okuoka.  The squirt oddities featured at the end are a peek into new fun moves.

This tape is worth it for the history lesson from the inventor and master of squirt.

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The Great White Charc - Jimmy Snyder Squirt Video

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Fun Forever Squirt Video

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Fun Forever

Yours for $19.85 (the year it was filmed)

This is a new copy of the classic squirt video featuring Jim & Jeff Snyder, Paul Marshall, Whitney Shields, Eric Lindber, and Johnny Regan on the Gauley, Cheat, Upper Yough, Big Sandy, and New Rivers.  Great boating, mid 80's quality video, and, um, unusual music.  If you're into squirt boating, you want this DVD!




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